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How Should Christians Approach Origins?

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Are you related to apes? Is Adam just a myth? Is evolution a fact? Is the earth billions of years old? Has science disproven the plain reading of the Bible, particularly concerning origins? Many Christians think so.

This booklet explores the nature of science, and the influence of naturalism. It examines pertinent scientific evidence and biblical texts. It shows how basic Christian doctrines are grounded in the historicity of biblical events. It defends the traditional, plain sense reading of Genesis.

Much is at stake. Pastors, Bible teachers, church leaders, and students need to embrace a Christian worldview that fully upholds God's Word as the ultimate authority. This booklet provides a solid beginning towards this goal.

“I believe the authors, both of whom have an exhaustive background in this area, succeed well in addressing the basic issues at a level that is very comprehensible for the average reader. I can only wish that a resource such as this had been available when I was in my early years of education, and I am confident this publication will prove invaluable to that demographic, as well as those more senior but perplexed by the strident claims of those currently expounding evolutionary doctrine.

“In my thirty-five year experience as physicist, voluntary Christian educator, board member and currently assistant pastor, I have witnessed the faith of many young people being challenged by the alleged conflict in understanding origins, and it is good that an effective tool in countering these claims is going to be available.”

Gordon Wood Ph.D. (National Research Council, Retired Physicist

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