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Managing Issues in Your Marriage

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Managing Issues in Your Marriage is a handbook for women and a recipe for successful marriage. The author examines the experiences of women both from biblical times and in contemporary days, showing how they managed their problems and came to successful ends.

God wants every person’s life to conform to the image of His dear Son. Marriage, one platform designed to achieve this goal, is God’s own concept, and unless you’re ready to follow His guidelines in running your home, you will always encounter problems. The Bible is our manual, and taking instruction from it will go a long way. God allows different experiences and situations to help tailor your life, and your cooperation with the Holy Spirit can guarantee success.

This book doesn’t attempt to provide solutions to all problems, but rather to reassure you that you’re not alone. God’s way may not be popular, and may not be as fast as we desire, but it is a sure way to success. No matter how hopeless your situation may be, God can wipe away your tears and put joy in your heart.

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