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Geeks, Babes and Sentient Vegetables: Volume 3: Kicking Sci-Fi in the Roddenberries

Length: 162 pages2 hours


For those people who loved Star Wars, Star Trek and science fiction in general but don’t take them too seriously. Every science fiction trope and cliché expertly mashed into one tale about a guy, his cat, his secret agent alien dancing girl and a talking 7 foot tall avocado. In the finest traditions of everything that was wrong with Star Wars, Star Trek, Aliens, Transformers and many more movies, television shows and video games all crammed into the day to day adventures of Will Campbell, average minimum wage employee at a miniature golf course. An epic quest across the galaxy filled unreasonable amounts of violence from highly impractical weapons and vague references to every science fiction masterpiece that came before it. Plus some really obscure ones and some no one has heard of before.

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