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How to Tame Your Tongue - Break 7 Bad Habits

Length: 124 pages1 hour


Imagine how it would seem if only words could literally wound the heart. Probably, a lot would suffer from excruciating pain. It's not only your words that you should be mindful of. Your tone can also paint a different meaning to your words. As an old saying goes, "It's not what you say; It's how you say it."

This book aims to give ideas on what needs to be controlled and how to control it. It talks about the 7 Bad Habits that we need to break, how it affects us, and how to break them. Bible Verses are included on a separate section for those who would like additional reference. May this book serve as your guide and may it help each of us tame our tongues so we can establish strong and happy relationships with the people we care about.

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