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Elemental Fury, Book 1: Calling Forth the Heavens

Length: 374 pages5 hours


The War of the Leaves united two kingdoms and left half of another in ruins.

Years later, the tenuous peace between humans and elves is shattered when human soldier-turned-farmer Japeth and elven wife Zandrine are killed by mysterious masked men, leaving behind two young sons.

On a quest for the truth, Shanadar is sidetracked by nomadic traders with a tortured past, a kindly old sorcerer with the key to his future, and a feisty young woman who longs to spite her meddlesome brother.

Meanwhile, Zandar enjoys the secluded life under the tutelage of a half-dwarf hermit, not realizing that the mere survival of him and his brother may have jeopardized all that he holds dear.

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