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Shamed to Please Women!

Length: 325 pages3 hours


How could a 23 year intelligent male wind up in a predicament like me? It may
be unusual to work for a fetish clothing company but someone has to make the clothes. I
wasn't prepared for the teasing and manipulating that a bevy of hot blooded sensual girls
could lay on me. The class I was asked to attend and the following lessons in humility I
was forced to learn didn't get me ready for the one surprise that would totally blow me

My lovely room mate was always questioning me and some of the events she witnessed gave her ample reason to think I was perverted. It was extremely embarrassing to be called the male body part that symbolizes a man, especially when an office of nubile girls never let you forget it.

Would my dream girl teach me the most important lesson of them all? Would I be able to pass the test, more importantly, would I want to?

Enticing and stimulating females use our hero to satisfy their sexual urges and turn him into a raging bag of hormones.

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