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Mistress Rules!

Length: 315 pages2 hours


Deanna was so breathtakingly beautiful, I couldn't stop her from making me orally satisfy her sexual whims, who would want to?

It was when my supervisor, a big black girl started treating me like a submissive test dummy that I knew I was in trouble. Bending me in every direction to abuse and humiliate me was just the beginning. The contract that I was forced to sign completed a haunting ride that would take me so many miles from one torturous adventure to another. How far did I really travel and why did one mistress give me to another one which was always more brutal than her?

To think having my balls tied and then me hoisted up in mid air by the rope which bound them was not sufficient entertainment for the mistresses who looked on and laughed. Yes, they probably wanted to out do each other and judging by what was coming next, they were succeeding!

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