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Jurassic Time Riders

Length: 393 pages6 hours


Kate Rogers and Dave Matheson scientists in the deep Congo have mysteriously disappeared. Matheson reappears on the Navajo Reservation critically injured and dies from a severe bacterial infection. Rogers is presumed lost until Dr. Edward Tevis, her director, contacts his employer James Larkin. Larkin is creator of a powerful quantum computer with specialized markers. Tevis tells Larkin his group tweaked the markers and he believes this caused a time vortex to open. Gwyn Stone, Larkins attorney, tells him that if bacteria that killed Matheson spread Interpol may bring international terrorism charges against him since no known antibiotic exists and convinces Larkin to send a party back to the Congo to get any remaining data. She contacts Seth Conner; a renowned paleontologist for advice, skeptical at first Conner is monetarily persuaded and goes with them. Kate Rogers feels all hope is lost until Seth Connor finds her. They search for a way to activate the vortex, or be lost forever in a prehistoric world.

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