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Through Open Hangar Doors

Length: 104 pages39 minutes


Jimmy Boom Semtex has worked with Filipino poetess Shy Lhen Esposo on this joint project. It features poetry on love and space travel. The pieces run in tandem but are quite different yet fit together.

Join Lou and Sansen as they try to find a new world for us all to inhabit as Earth dies. Will a new sanctuary be found?

Read Shy's poems about a wayward father who left his partner and unborn son. Will happiness arrive?

There is more than love, spaceships and hope here. There is laughter, conflict and much more. Read on to find out what happens.

Examples include:
Systems Check by Jimmy Boom Semtex
We flew a long arc round our own system.
Time to do a little exploring and party.
For we were the fledglings in our ship called Cruiser.
We took Cruiser on a cruise and watched the gauges.


"Human, born to make mistakes." Shy Lhen Esposo

"Yes, I hear you clearly! I know that you love me."

"And I love you too Addy.
My whole life's full of misery.
You came along unexpectedly.

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