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The Book of L. O. T.: The Book of Love, Obedience, and Truth

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There is a cost to walk with an anointing such as that of Prophetess, Minister, Teacher, and Evangelist Carrie Machell Burks.

Recognizing Truth – the infallible, uncensored, undeniable Word of God
and surrendering your life, your very existence, your finite mind to walk in Obedience to what the Truth says…

allows you to Love unconditionally as Christ have loved the church.

Author Carrie Machell Burks, from a child to adulthood, is not perfect, but indeed has walked a surrendered life in submission to her heavenly Father.

She is one that has answered the call wherever it may take or cost her to herald the Word of Truth.

As you read this work, experience love afresh from the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Allow it to “re-member” you in your spirit, soul and body. Choose daily to become more of a doer than just a hearer of the Word, the Truth.

Vanessa Washington Slater

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