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Just a Bit Shaggy: Four Erotic Paranormal Short Stories

63 pages58 minutes


A Wolf In Human Clothing is a steamy paranormal short story, and is about what happens when things get out of control in a store dressing room and a man that a woman is about to have intimacy with, changes into something entirely non-human.

Dude, Your Fangs Are Huge, is the story of a woman who meets someone new, and they hit it off – until she hears something in the kitchen that evening and sees a large animal eating their leftover steaks.

My Werewolf Lovers, is about a young women who searches for one last summer of fun before she goes off to college, but gets so much more when she runs into a pack of werewolves one night at a local club.

Making Over The Hairy Beast, is the wry story of a woman who likes a young werewolf, but only when he has transformed.

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