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Roses for Lucifer: Love

Length: 443 pages7 hours


Twenty-one-year-old Will Creed is certain he will never get over his twin brother’s accidental death. Because being alone in the world scares him senseless, Will plunges over a balcony railing to end his pain and hopefully meet his brother, Luke, again. But when he suddenly awakens in the afterlife, Will makes a horrifying discovery that changes everything. Unlike Will, his brother has been sent to Hell. Desperate to do whatever it takes to rescue Luke, Will follows a god to Hell where he meets Lucifer, who has lost patience with humanity and intends to extinguish all life on Earth. Torn between the need to save both his brother and mankind, Will travels back and forth between the worlds. As he gradually begins to uncover the devil’s darkest secrets, Will falls in love with the last person he ever expected.

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