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Olivia’s Story: Protector of the Realm

Length: 200 pages2 hours


The year is 1943. With the ink scarcely dry on her diploma, Olivia leaves Lander, Wyoming, for New York City. In a quick turn of events, she lands a translating job working for a man known only as the Major. Soon she is living an idyllic life, with exciting and rewarding work; Vivian, her roommate, is also her best friend. Then there is an accident, and in a flash, Vivian is gone. At that dark moment, a late-night visitor whisks Olivia to a secret world of fairies, elves, and leprechauns, where the surprise of her life awaits; the queen selects her to be the Protector of the Realm. Now Olivia is flying into Nazi Germany, unarmed save for her dog and a few gadgets. Her mission is simple—rescue the Major, locate an evil Jinn, and stop him from destroying the planet. In this historical fantasy novel, as the world is at war, an evil Jinn conjures an atomic bomb, but with the help of a secret alliance, a young woman sets out to save the world.

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