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When Leaders Make Mistakes

Length: 34 pages23 minutes


There are many materials that have been written to train leaders but I have not seen any that tells you what to do when your leader makes mistake. No wonder, most subordinates are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
I guess our teachers assumed that leaders don’t make mistakes. After all, they are full of the Holy Spirit and the presence of God is with them.
But even in the Bible there are many leaders who made mistakes.
Anyhow, we can’t blame our teachers. They were the same leaders. And in fairness, they could not be preparing to make mistakes.
However, there are several great potentials that have been destroyed for lack of knowledge. Some are in redeemable situations and I trust God to use this small book to pull them back to the track.
In essence therefore, the main focus of this book is to show you what to do when leaders make mistake.

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