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The Land the World Forgot

Length: 250 pages3 hours


Aurea, the Golden City, is home to sacred spirits of ancient realms and the birthplace of many of humanity’s myths and legends—even though most of humanity has never heard of it.

While the world may consider it long gone, time refuses to let it drift out of memory. Now the tales it spins are no longer those of ancient, noble heroes that come to us as bedtime stories—but of their descendants. So if you’re wondering if you might have some link to Aurea—if you believe you’re secretly descended from one of its spirits or if you’re curious about the story it might have to tell—then, by all means, proceed. But take heed: plunge too deep into this world and its history, and you might find yourself being tugged through a hurricane and eventually washing up someplace unknown. And then perhaps you’ll understand why most books are better believed to be fiction.

This fantasy novel for young adults introduces a mystical land of legend lost to time and rediscovered by a group of modern teenagers.

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