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Star Seeds From Sirius: Remembering The Language

132 pages19 minutes


Star seeds from Sirius incarnated on Terra have to activate the knowledge of Sirian language.

The book presents originally and synthetically the following topics:
- The Sirian Language.
- Comparison among the Sirian Language and Humans’ Languages.
- The Adapted Language.
- Sirian - English Dictionary.
- Red signs & red letters.
- Blue signs & blue letters.
- Remarks, explanations and exemplification.
- The Meta Language.
- The Telepathic Language.
- Symbols for telepathic communication with beings.
- Symbols for telepathic communication with devices.
- Symbols for inner communication.
- Few remarks regarding telepathic communication.
- The Sirian Linguistic Center.

The book is written in a pragmatic manner giving precise indications to the readers.

I recommend this book to all Sirian star seeds that are in the quest of their spiritual essence.

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