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Jamie Vardy's Having a Party: Leicester City's Miracle Season

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There’s a reason we are drawn to the incredible story of Jamie Vardy’s rise from non-league football to become a record-breaking Premier League and England international goalscorer...he’s allowed us to dream.
In this age of multi-millionaire, Maserati-driving, cosseted footballers, the Leicester City striker is someone we can relate to. He’s not so different from the lads we all knew who liked a Saturday night out, worked in a dead-end job and had a talent on the ball that wasted away as age took away any hopes they may have had of playing professionally. The difference is that Vardy did make it against the odds in an historic season with a fairytale team that started out as 5,000-1 underdogs and beat the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal to win the Premier League.
Author David Gardner, a senior writer for, goes behind the scenes to reveal the secrets behind Leicester City’s miracle season...and how the party started for Jamie Vardy, from the court-imposed electronic tag he used as an ankle guard and his naked training runs all the way to his scoring streak, his WAG wife and his Hollywood future.

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