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Wandil Land

Length: 577 pages9 hours


For Hollywood A-Lister, David Moore, life and the world he knew has changed. Beckoned by a vast inheritance and an orphaned little girl to a hometown he knows almost nothing about, he finds in Vister a Paradise Lost. But no paradise is perfect. Boiling beneath the slow death of days and the friendly smiles of the town's people are blood feuds, animosities, and profane ritual stretching back centuries.
Caught between the ancient folkways of the bewitching Wilma and the murderous Fundamentalism of Whisper Storm and the Crystal Sphere League, David must traverse a rocky path through this mysterious land of Stanton Dru, Avalon, and Yankee Burying Road. Each step is a pitfall with betrayal, violence, even murder at every turn. And in his quest to save himself, he discovers the terrifying truth of what he is. A truth he never knew, or ever wanted to.
Welcome to Wandil Land.

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