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Hiding in the Corners

Length: 25 pages12 minutes


She barged into the stuffy, pink, sunlit room, garbage bag in hand. Ignoring the faded purple “A” in “Anna” that fell to the floor when the door rebounded, she whirled on the closet. “Think you can cut me out of your life, Anna?” she asked. She grabbed the first two studded, black shirts she could reach. “I guess you won’t miss any of this shit, then.”

She tore five shirts from the rack, and then shrieked, grabbing at her pearls. A glowing, blue oval flickered at her from inside the wall. In seconds, the color faded to reveal vibrant pops of color—flowers, she realized—that stretched for miles. Something whirred by on a pair of luminescent wings. ...

Something moves in the attic. More things have taken up space by the bed.
Something else cracked open a hole in the closet.
And the paintings in the bedroom? They live.

It’s a weird, and wild world out there. You should come in.

Mannarino Publishing brings you five tiny fairy stories you’ll have to read to believe.

**Hiding in the Corners is also included in the omnibus, Closer than you Think, along with Love, Lust, and Pixie Dust; In Deep Waters; Runs in the Family; and Once Upon a Spell. Buy all five and save!**

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