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America's Last Chance

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Debt Our debt now exceeds $19 trillion and our once vibrant economy is stagnant with 94 million Americans outside of the workforce.Borders According to the 2015 U.S. Census, there are now 15.7 million illegal aliens in the country and 61 million immigrants overall. This massive demographic change impacts our language, culture and customs.Terrorism Isis is causing havoc throughout the world and here in our country.Weak leadership America desperately needs strong leadership and a new direction, not the same big government solutions which have created problems.The presidential election of 2016 may be the most important one in our history. Progressivism has created the mess, and another eight years of it may be the death knell for America as we know her.  And Republicans need to nominate an electable candidate who respects the Constitution, understands our role in the world, and is prepared to reignite American pride along with her economy and her standing on the world stage.

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