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POP: 50 Real Tips from Real Moms on Childbirth

Length: 156 pages1 hour


New Must-have Childbirth & C-section advice book, with advice from Moms who just gave birth. By lawyer-turned-mom Pamela Peery. Can be read in 3 hours, POP: 50 Amazing Secrets to a Successful Labor & Delivery or C-section is an EASY & FUN way to prepare for childbirth. A collection of advice from NEW MOMS, this book represents women the world over cheering you on. Loaded with fantastic advice, funny tips & secret tricks. Table of Contents: PACKING FOR THE HOSPITAL JUMP-STARTING LABOR EARLY LABOR WATER BREAKING FAMILY & FRIENDS LABOR HOSPITAL EPIDURAL NATURAL CHILDBIRTH C-SECTIONS BREASTFEEDING FUN STORIES

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