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Newland 2084

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“Newland 2084” provides patent pending designs for a utopian world. The earth’s zero growth human population is freed from poverty and economic instability. All matters of governance are settled by means of each owner having one changeable vote on each issue. All economic needs are provided by cooperative organizations of all sizes."Newland 2084" is from a lifetime of reading, thinking, writing, idea promoting, and such. It contains patent claims from a lifetime of active imagination. Patent claims began 1970 with big ideas about computer systems, a voice conversational computer assistant, light emitting diode array, self driving bus, book scanner, body motion music composer and conductor, time tracking, and more. It contains designs for a solution to poverty, sustainable polygons of 12,000 humans each which are stable in population, fuel, housing, and transportation. It features a worldwide collection of 144,000 human governance polygons of 48,000 humans each.

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