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Last Third: A Novel

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One third of kids will go on to become the pillars of society. The second third will live comfortable lives. Trouble will be the only accomplishment of the last third.Jeremy, the biracial bastard child of a single teenage mother, was quickly labeled as being among the last third in his adolescence. With no friends, no money, and a disintegrating relationship with his mother, Jeremy had few prospects to find a way out. As his anger climaxes—to the shock of a notorious and terrifying school bully—Jeremy seemingly seals his fate as a member of the last third.Enter Roy, an eccentric old curmudgeon, who has a fateful encounter with Jeremy. As Roy introduces Jeremy to the fantastical world of aviation, an unexpected friendship grows. Can these two misfits find some beacon of hope in each other?In his story of adversity, growing up, and friendship, author Jonathan Mach presents a tale of life in the face of formidable obstacles—and the meaningful relationships that blossom as a result.

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