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Barnstorm: A Novel

Length: 289 pages4 hours


Seventy-year-old Gerty Murphy is losing her Ohio farm to foreclosure. She had lost her Marine son in Afghanistan, then her husband to a broken heart. A ruthless, big-city banker is closing in fast. When an afraid-of-heights, awkward wannabe pilot aptly nicknamed “Trip” drops into her life, he overcomes a bullied past for a worthwhile payoff.Poignant. Clever. Adventurous. Barnstorm combines the high-flyin’ exploits of World War II stunt pilots with the feel-good rural life reminiscent of 1950s Americana. Biplanes. Air shows. County fairs. Bull riding. Rodeo clowns. Cantankerous roosters. Farm-pond skinny-dippin’. This coming-of-age tale is packed with high-flying action as loop-de-loop airplanes streak through the clouds.

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