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Society, Schools & Progress in China: The Commonwealth and International Library: Education and Educational Research

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Society, Schools and Progress in China presents the systematic use of education to achieve prosperity, security, and social well-being. This book provides a concise account of the historical events and the social, religious, political, and other influences, which have combined to create China.
Organized into nine chapters, this book begins with an overview of China's historical background to understand the struggle and aspirations of the Chinese people. This text then examines the type of economic and social structure in China's rural areas since 1958, which has been known as the ""People's Commune"". Other chapters consider the social, technological, and international change in China. This book discusses as well the establishment of the educational system in the People's Republic of China. The final chapter deals with the characteristics of the Chinese society.
This book is intended to be suitable for students of sociology, government and politics, as well as education.

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