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The Plays of Grillparzer: The Commonwealth and International Library: Pergamon Oxford German Series

Length: 167 pages3 hours


The Plays of Grillparzer presents a compilation of the works of Franz Grillparzer, a famous Austrian dramatist, with emphasis on the significant features of his dramatic technique. This book presents some generalizations about what characterizes his tragedies and makes them effective.

Comprised of five chapters, this book starts with an overview of Grillparzer's two plays for the popular stage, namely, Die Ahnfrau (1897) and Der Traum ein Leben (1834). This text then reviews the characteristics of Grillparzer's Greek tragedies wherein he prefers direct action to narrative. Other chapters examine the classic spirit of his second poetic drama, Sappho, which is characterized as halfway between a tragedy of fate and a tragedy of character. The final chapter examines the characterization in Grillparzer's third play, Libussa, wherein he uses an unusual extent to explain a situation, or the speaker's plans and emotions.

This book is a valuable resource for readers who are interested in Franz Grillparzer's works.

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