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Taken by the Human Traders

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When Ben Cloud and his sister Belle went to see their lawyer Laura Smith, about the probate after their parents. His girlfriend Eliza got upset as in her opinion she would go before a lawyer. Ben and Belle received ten million each, and an extra five million if they had a child within two years. In the apartment complex where Eliza lived, a group of three men were looking at her apartment. It was Max Cole, Paleface and Smoky. I bet she is going over to the pricks place, said Paleface. Think you might be right on the ball there Paleface. Let's get there before 'er, said Max as the trio entered his car and drove to where they knew this Ben lived. Parking the car behind the cobblestone driveway, they waited for the good looking girl to arrive. They had waited for only a few minutes, when a cab stopped up by the street. As Eliza walked across the front lawn, the three men jumped her. With a piece of duct tape Max covered her mouth, and carried her to the car. Max and Smoky were sitting in the front, with Paleface and Eliza on the back seat. Can I have some fun with 'er, asked Paleface looking hungrily at this beautiful woman. No, screamed Max. Then they wont give us any money for 'er. After some arguing, they arrived at the Arab Hassid's home. When Hassid saw this good looking young white woman he offered Max ten thousand dollar for her. Then Hassid drove across the state to some oriental people he knew were doing business in white slave trade. The orientals, when they saw this girl, they gave Hassid twenty thousand dollar for her as they knew they would get more at next weeks auction. At this time detective Bulldog Drake had been given the job to find out what had happened to this Eliza Colt. As all the leads pointed at Max and his two accomplishes, the trio were taken in for interrogation. When Bulldog asked Paleface what the oriental had said? Paleface answered that they had sold 'er to the Arab Hassid, and not to any orientals. With these news, Bulldog apprehended Hassid. One of his man, to save himself told Bulldog about the orientals Hassid had sold the girl to. The rest was easy, and before the end of the day Eliza was home.

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