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Splintered Fate (Aorra Series #1)

Length: 356 pages5 hours


Lana Casteel is a beautiful girl who lives in a world ravaged by a crippling hatred between the powerful Rami and the talented Madonians. As a Madonian Council member, she has personally experienced the hostility that exists between the races. Lana had a shaky past and now an even more uncertain future.
Splintered Fate tells a story of how a twist of fate brings Lana and her wolf, Ardin, together with an unlikely childhood friend. Together, they embark on a dangerous journey in search of support to stand up against those responsible for the death of her family. They face extensive and difficult challenges as she fights for vengeance and, in turn, finds out where she stands between the two worlds of the Rami and Madonians. Lana will be forced to accept hard truths while learning how to navigate through her world.
Splintered Fate is filled with magic, power, fear, love, pain, and most importantly Aorras.

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