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Immortal Everafter: Immortal Heart, #7

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Destiny can’t be changed… but can it be manipulated?

The Dark Fae have been quiet, and the human world is in the hands of the Las Vegas vampires, but that doesn’t mean life is simple in the Light Fae castle. With Izzy and Bain’s little one set to join the elite warriors soon, things can’t stay easy for long.

Months after the final battle between the Dark and Light, Josiah is left curious about and longing for what Makyle now has. After reaching out to his brother for help, while flying through the skies of the human world, searching for restless Fae souls, Josiah finds himself in the middle of a vampire war, face to face with the unique Fae who showed nothing but fear of him the last time he saw her.

Astraea has come to accept what the fates have set in motion. Destiny will come for her in the form of a raging, blond-haired demigod…Josiah. What troubles her heart and keeps her awake at night—will Josiah give in to what she has seen for their future? Or will the desertion of yet another Underworld ruler bring death and destruction to all three worlds?

Follow the elite warriors, some of your favorite Fae, and the Vegas vampires as destiny catches up with Astraea, Josiah, and the Light Fae in the latest installment of the Immortal Heart series.

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