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Purpose: How Little Things Can Create a Meaningful Life

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The book Purpose – How Little Things Can Create a Meaningful Life should be a life changing read, especially for the 82% who live without knowing their purpose. While we all want to discover what our life purpose is, we mostly live a scripted life influenced by society, family and peers chasing a dream of happiness that rarely materializes. Consequently, the majority of us are not “living” – we are just existing!

This book guides you in discovering your “living purpose” – one that is driven by your interests, leaves a positive footprint on society, while contributing to your genuine happiness.

It includes a unique framework and numerous examples to allow you to discover your purpose. It then provides you the tools to successfully pursue your purpose and redefine it as your life evolves.

Purpose makes an easy read of a serious topic using fascinating research and captivating case studies of individuals who used little things to find their meaning. See the endorsements below.

What is your purpose?

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