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The Elementals

Length: 531 pages6 hours


In the world of Mirmina, some people are born with special gifts. They have the ability to control the elements--Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, or Lightning. Endowed with these powers, Elementals must maintain the balance of nature or suffer the consequences: whirling hurricanes and great dust storms that ravage the land. When one Elemental becomes too powerful and seeks to unravel the balance, he inspires fear in the people of Mirmina. Hephaestus, a Fire Elemental, has built a kingdom in the mountains, and he has been killing Water Elementals. Now, he wants the spheres, the source of the Elementals' powers, and he will do whatever it takes to get them.
When Sara discovers that she is the last surviving Water Elemental, she learns that she has two choices, to hide herself away forever or to face her enemy. She chooses to fight. Sara sets out on her journey with a group of brave companions. Together, they must battle Sphere Protectors, great beasts that guard the element spheres. Sara plans to stop Hephaestus before he gets the element spheres and uses them to force all other Elementals to their knees. But little does she know, there is a traitor in her midst who can undo everything.
Debut author, L. M. Peralta, weaves a tale mystery, betrayal, and the misuse of power.

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