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Length: 170 pages2 hours


Red is a story of four teenagers—Tara, Melissa, Austin, and Addison— all faced with their own individually complicated lives. Addison, the wild child, has always been a freak. Her best friend Tara, was a vampire, and Melissa was a witch, but all Addison was, was a screw up, always getting into crappy situations; including her deadbeat father moving back into town, the same night her mother goes missing. Addison wakes up in the bathtub duct taped and blindfolded not remembering a thing. Melissa and Tara find her, seeing signs of a struggle and blood but something doesn’t add up right. And that’s when they find out about the company a place that’s been watching them since birth. But why? Wanting to know more, the girls get themselves into a lot of danger, finding out everything they ever thought they knew was a lie, and their parents knew all along. They were special, but why? Wanting to find the truth Melissa meets Austin, a painter, whose tragic paintings come to life, but when he draws one of the girls in danger. Is it too late to save them all?

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