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Ghost Lights

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Ghost Lights are among the world’s most baffling and fascinating paranormal manifestations. These mysterious, glowing orbs have been reported for centuries throughout the world.Ghost Lights are often spotted rising eerily out of swamps in the dead of night.They glide. across brush-tangled mountainsides and drift through valleys and open meadows as if under intelligent control. Many Ghost Lights have been seen swaying down deserted railroad tracks like lanterns carried by an unseen hand. Still others rise up from graveyards and chase after terrified motorists on lonely country roads. These are the Ghost Lights that haunt the darkened back roads, forests and marshes of our planet. This book examines some of the world’s most chilling and intriguing Ghost Light cases. It explores their many haunts, the myths and legends that surround them and the attempts by modern science to explain them away. Embark with me on a journey into the darkest recesses of the unknown as we investigate one of the world’s greatest paranormal enigmas.

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