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The Gospel of John and the Ephraim Ratio

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This is a book about the numbers in the gospel of John. The pairs of twos show Jesus' life will become more complicated. I try to show that the gospel story follows the ratio of the Tribe of Ephraim population loss between census 1 and census 2 in the book of Numbers but alas the gospel of John doesn't quite fit the ratio of Ephraim population loss but it is close. I offer an explanation for the days before Passover when Jesus was anointed which took place 6 days before Passover in John but 2 days before Passover in Matthew's and Mark's gospels. I show a mathematical relationship between the 153 fish of John and the First Born Sons of Israel who lost out on 1500 shekels because the Levite census is rounded to the nearest thousand in Numbers 3 using the Protestant Bible as the reference and the 6 days before Passover when Jesus was anointed in John.

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