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The Hummingbird:Feet On The Ground

Length: 54 pages1 hour


Crony capitalism has lead to the end times and it is up to an atheist hispanic man named Clark, a one handed white catholic named Isaac, a suicidal legless pre-op transgender named Michelle, and their native american friends the crippled Piet and the blind Raven to do the only thing that one can do in the end times. Attempt to survive the Apocalypse in the worm of an airborne virus no one is immune to brought on by greed, GMOs, and Right Wing politics.

Weekly listening to their radio for food drops and any chance at repairing the world. One day the group hears about a mysterious substance known as The Fix, what it does, when it will drop, if they'll still be alive when it does, and if that can save the world currently unknown to them. All they can do is try to survive until a brighter day comes, if it ever will.

A sensational Sci-Fi book that young adults of all ages will adore. The young will love the deep connections the characters feel for one another and the older will love the political and environmental subtexts.

Written by HawlSera aka Jessica Nichols-Vernon, one of the prolific writers of the long time standing furry writing group "The Transformation Story Archive"

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