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The Bridge Over Miller's Creek: Dark Soul Trilogy - Book 2

Length: 123 pages1 hour


A drifter came into town, behind the wheel of a white 1960 Impala. Two fuzzy dice hung from the rear view mirror. He called himself Joey.
Joey fell from Miller’s Bridge to his death on the rocks below,
or is it possible he pushed.
Now, five years later, another drifter comes into town, driving a white 1960 Impala with dice hanging from the rear view mirror
and the grave of Joey the drifter is empty.

Joey died, leaving the under-aged daughter of Joshua Miller heavy with child. This small town has come to hide their demons well.

Wilson Pierce recovers from a coma with no memory. He arrives by way of Miller's Bridge in a car identical to Joey's.
A dark force seeks revenge for a drifter's death. Is that force ushered in by Wilson Pierce or from beyond the gates of hell.

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