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DIVIDED: A M/M Vampire and Werewolf Taboo Romance

Length: 23 pages21 minutes


There’s a war waging in the hunting grounds between the Vampires and the Werewolf Pack!

Reichard Heartland is a formidable Were, but his time serving in the bloodthirsty war between the vampire's and his kind has left him tired, battle-hardened and deathly mistrustful of bloodsuckers trying to encroach on the werewolf pride lands looking for more humans to drain dry.

Although Reichard’s loyalty to protect his pack and the people in the nearby towns runs deep, he's never fully been accepted or respected in his tribe simply because he lives with a shadow that none of his werewolf brothers can accept or understand.

Reichard is gay... and desperately searching for another Were male to possess and love just as all his brothers wish for with their fated female mates.

On a dark moonlight night in the middle of autumn, Reichard literally runs head first into the very ‘Weremale’ who may just be able to bring his taboo dream to life...

There just one catch the beautiful male stood before him isn't what he seems and in order to find the love he craves so dearly he must quickly put aside his deeply ingrained prejudices and preconceived ideas of his perfect mate and learn to love the man not the monster inside.

Read ‘Divided’ to find out what happens next.

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