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The Beginning and End of Time (Eternity Begins!)

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The book showcases God's plan and purpose for human existence. It gives details of the plan of God for you as an individual and decodes the mystery and obscurity that existed between God and man. It equally unraveled the cosmic confusion and the universe paradox. The book discusses the beginning (Genesis) and the end of time (Revelation). Inside the book are powerful spiritual nuggets that will change your life forever.

•The mystery of the blood: Life is in the blood or the blood is life; you cannot equate the life (blood) of animal (goat and sheep) to that of man.
•Man sinned and animal died in his stead; man sinned, man must die – Satan’s demand.
•God made coat of animal skin to cover the nakedness of Adam and Eve: The animal skin covered their bodies (physical) while the blood covered their sin (spiritual).
•Abel offering a better sacrifice of animal got the revelation of what God Himself initiated-no blood, no forgiveness.
•The wages of sin is death: we pay money for goods and services; spiritually it is blood for blood or life for life.
•The blood or life of Jesus has compensated or paid (atoned) for our sins: without the shedding of blood there is no remission (forgiveness) of sin.
•One man (Adam) sinned and everybody became sinners by inheritance. One man (Jesus) died for sin and everybody is justified by faith in Christ.
•Holiness or righteousness cannot be achieved by man, and any attempt to do so amounts to self-righteousness. We inherit holiness or righteousness from the death of the Lord Jesus (the only man that is holy).
•The child of the woman has bruised Satan’s head: Sin came through the woman; salvation or the savior came through the woman also.
•Satan bruised man’s heel – minor injury
•Jesus bruised Satan’s head – major injury
•Who is fooling who? Satan put on animal flesh (serpent) to deceive man; God put on human flesh (Jesus) to deceive Satan. The deceiver is deceived.
•God became man (Jesus) so that man could be like God or be a god.
•The Church is the bride of Christ – Marriage and honey moon to take place in heaven.
•Israel is the wife of God but had played the harlot – must pass through Great tribulation for cleansing.
•God is eternal: His love is eternal; His punishment is eternal – lake of fire forever.
•God has different methods of deliverance: He raptures the Church at the mid-point of the Great tribulation to avoid the wrath of God but protects the Israelites inside the wrath.
•He can prevent you from entering the fire so that you will not burn or protects you inside the fire so that you will not burn.
•Osama destroyed the Trade Centre to become great.
•Obama destroyed Osama to become greater.
•Therefore, Obama and not Osama is the Al- Mahdi (Muslim’s Messiah).

Some Interesting Topics inside the Book:
•The end time.
•The 70th Week of Daniel (‘the times of the Gentiles’)
•The Mystery Babylon (One world government and religion)
•The 144,000 sealed.
•The two witnesses.
•The woman clothed with the sun.
•The everlasting gospel.
•The dreaded wrath of God.
•Is Obama the Antichrist?
•The Al-Mahdi of the Koran vs the Anti-Christ of the Bible.
•The American Exodus during the tribulation.
•The Shemitah Shock.
•Heaven and hell experiences.
•Dressing code for born again Christians.

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