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My Dear Otto

Length: 396 pages7 hours


A young Jewish boy, Kurt Gluck, is plunged into the storm of Nazi madness as the armies of Hitler spread their terror across Europe. Escaping Berlin, only to be surrounded in the ghetto of Kielce, he is transported to Auschwitz. Kurt seems doomed until, by a twist of fate, he is taken under the wing of Otto the Beast, a sadistic SS guard.
In 1945 as the Russians advance Otto desperately flees West taking Kurt with him. Concealing his past Otto and Kurt reach the anonymity of America where they begin a new life. A chance encounter with a Nazi doctor introduces Otto to ODESSA. Otto becomes the administrator of a retirement home in Florida used as a cover to hide SS war criminals.
One day an Auschwitz survivor recognizes Otto and is ruthlessly murdered, triggering covert operations by the FBI and Mossad. Will Kurt finally see justice done or will he become yet another victim of the Nazis?

My Dear Otto is a captivating thriller that includes historical figures such as Kommandant Höss of Auschwitz, the Nazi hero: Otto Skorzeny, Martin Bormann, Simon Wiesenthal, and the heads of both Mossad and the FBI. From the horrors of the Second World War to dramatic climax in 1980’s Florida.

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