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Disaster Management: The Tiny House Movement - Tiny House Micro Shelters to Build: Traditional Designs in Survivalist Conditions - PLANS INCLUDED

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Table of Contents

Concept of Space
Micro Houses and Micro Dwellings
Reasons for Moving Into a Smaller Home
Are You Ready for a Tiny Home?
Building Your Own House
Rules Rules Rules...
Plus Points of Ancient House Designs
The Traditional Houseboat
Teepees and Wigwams
Mud Huts and Hogans
Log Cabins and Burdeis
Longhouses and Yurts
The House of the Bamboo!
Igloos and Adobe huts
Basic Items in Your Home
House #1: 325 ft2
House #2: 160 ft2
House #3: 208 ft2
House #4: 240 ft2
House #5: 290 ft2
House #6: 325 ft2
House #7: 435 ft2
House #8: 435 ft2
House #9: 520 ft2
House #10: 621 ft2
Portable House #1
Portable House #2
Resource Guide
Author Bio


An American friend of mine was talking about the building cost of her house, which was just 2,600 ft.2 According to her, this was the average space taken by an average American family in the building of their own houses from scratch. She said she had already spent USD 80,000 on the architectural design, and she had not even begun! When she saw my eyes widen at the costs, she said, “What, your houses in your country or anywhere else, are not so large? And the house building costs do not come in thousands and thousands of dollars?”

Well, I could tell her that in our country and in other parts of the World, our built houses – especially colonial bungalows, ancestral homes/haciendas – and I have lived in them – were made on land just under 1 acre and even much more, so I was not anyone to talk about 2,600 ft.2.

Nevertheless, I began to think that a book was needed to tell people all about how for millenniums, people have been living in really tiny spaces, in tiny homes, and they have managed extremely well.

So this book is going to tell you all about some traditional ways in which you can build a really nice tiny home. But here you are going to think of a state of mind and a possible situation, where we are in survivalist mode. This tiny home is a shelter, for the family to protect it from the weather, animal attacks, a place to live in, eat, and sleep, and I am going to go back to the history of these houses, down the centuries all over the World.

This book is going to give you lots of information on how these houses were built and how can you build these houses yourself, especially when you need to know how to build a shelter for your family.

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