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The Coven

Length: 318 pages4 hours


Lilly Weaver is capable of a lot of things. She can do spells, control the elements, make potions, and so much more -- the only problem? She's only just starting to figure out exactly what she's capable of. So far her life has consisted of homecoming court and parties with all her friends, but when her mother's death leads to a discovery of her magical heritage, Lilly's priorities are forced to change. Suddenly, Lilly is charged with leading her Coven into battle against evil witches to avenge their parents deaths all while trying to ignore her growing feelings for an enemy Witch.

Will Lilly and her friends be able to survive the war ahead of them? Will she give in to the mysterious bond she shares with the dark Damon Rinaldo? Will she win Ice Queen at the Winter Dance? Needless to say, it looks like high school just got a whole lot harder.

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