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Blood Lust

Length: 1,194 pages17 hours


When a vampire begins murdering prostitutes, the police turn to a local team of paranormal investigators for help. Little did the lead investigator realize that his own wife and her best friend had decided to embark on the very career path that made them targets for the deadly vampire! Don’t miss this erotically turbocharged tale of cuckoldry, lesbian prostitutes, and vampires.

Dave led her to the dining room and had her lean forward on the table with her legs apart. Then he knelt behind her and lovingly licked her puckered anus for a few seconds before sliding his tongue up into her cunt. Cyndi gasped as he explored her soft, flowery lips and nibbled at her clit. It was a very pleasant and exciting sensation that made her fidget. At the same time, Dave reached up and massaged her nipples. That really made Cyndi squirm.

Now that she was good and wet, Dave stood up and eased his prick into her channel. She sighed as his knob pushed past her labia and sunk deep into her pussy.

She felt him moving in and out. He did her slowly at first, trying to find his balance. When he did, he began fucking her faster and faster. Cyndi sighed and trembled all over. Dave grabbed her behind and humped her even faster. This caused her to shriek with delight as his knob raked across her g-spot several times.

Dave loved the way her cunt convulsed around his prick each time he thrust into her. She felt so good, too. So tight. So silky smooth. In fact, this was one of the best fucks he’d had in weeks. And Cyndi had one of the best cunts.

Each time Dave’s prick moved inside her pussy, Cyndi sighed happily and trembled with lust. She felt herself growing wetter and hotter as they fucked and she began thrusting her hips back at him to match his rhythm. Each time, he pushed into her all the way to his balls. Each time, he thrust harder. And each thrust caused Cyndi to moan.

Cyndi felt herself coming. It was a good one, too. From deep inside her cunt. Dave realized what she was going through and picked up the pace of his thrusting. Cyndi moaned and threw her head back.

“Oohh! That’s it! Fuck me, Dave! That feels so good! So fucking good!” she moaned.

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