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Raiders of the Middle Sea: Part 1

Length: 38 pages36 minutes


A World of Kedra Story

Raiders of the Middle Sea begins by following Kayden, a sailor who was captured by pirates in a ship to ship battle and sold as a slave in a far off land. He is then thrown into an arena to fight for the entertainment and profit of others. Fear, instinct and a fair bit of swordsmanship sees him through his first battle.
That was the easy part.
Kayden is far beyond the borders of the Kingdom of Railor, his home. Besides losing his rights, there are strange creatures in this land that are not human and Lords who conspire to agendas that he cannot comprehend.
Together with the giant Rulaf, the brown skinned southerner Shadi and the bestial Torassh, this marks the start of the strangest slave arena band in the Eleven Cities.

The journey begins.

- Note that ROTMS#1 has been removed from the Adult content section as it contains no graphical sexual content and is far safer for young readers than other Adult content books. This book contains violence and I rate it at PG13. (Would fit in well in the Teen Fiction section of my local library)

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