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Disaster Management Techniques: Water Harvesting and Storage

Length: 72 pages37 minutes


Table of Contents

Using a Survival Blanket
Finding Water in the Wilderness
Using Your Natural Senses to Find Water
Using Your Eyes
Using Your Nose
Collecting Rainwater
Conical Container
Collecting the Early Morning Dew
Getting Water from Vegetation and Fruit
Water from Plant Transpiration
Getting Water from Rock Crevices and Hollows in Trees
Digging a Sill
Water Filtering
Boiling Water Tip!
Out There in the Cold
Stranded on the Beach
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However much we like reading adventure stories, where the hero is lost in the desert, and he knows that he has to use his own creativity or the imagination of the writer in order to survive, many of us cannot think of a scenario when we may find ourselves in a situation where we need to find water.

Nevertheless, this book is going to tell you all about the ways and means in which you can find water, which is of course the most important resource for survival, now that the 21st-century has reached the stage of natural disasters every year, thanks to climatic changes, and human beings fiddling with the natural ecological makeup of Mother Nature.

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