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War Prize

Length: 465 pages7 hours


Thomas Silverlan had enjoyed studying at the Corlan University until called upon by his father to be the governor of a distant colony. He found himself forced to exchange his scholarly pursuits for a leadership role in a primitive land fraught with hardships.

Elizabeth Waldon would have been content spending her life reading tales of heroic deeds in the home of her wealthy family, and spending her evenings listening to the bards that performed for the patrons of Silvertide’s opulent tavern. Her father’s arrangement of a contract marriage for her with the Governor of a colony on the other side of the ocean changes her simple life. She quickly finds that reading about grand adventures was one thing, while being thrust into one was quite another as she journeys to a new home. One that served as a haven for pirates and was plagued by orcish raiders.

Tarken was a warrior of the Tempest Blade, nomadic orcs that had wandered the northern steppes for generations, a clan that fought viciously against the growing threat of humans in their lands. When one of his raids yields an unexpected prisoner, he sees the opportunity to deal with the human threat as no orc had done before.

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