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The Enforcer

Length: 168 pages2 hours


SOMEONE has to rule the world. Thankfully, the mad mage Carol is not that sap. As the Enforcer, she exerts the will of her dark masters through subtle touches on the machinery of the world. She lurks behind the men of mortal power, offering solutions to their woes...for a price.

NOW the Kitsune catastrophe has left the mage Family short on manpower and neck deep in issues. The secret world threatens to buckle, and Carol must bribe, threaten, and cajole to maintain her grip on the rebellious beast Tribes and preserve the work of her unnatural life.

YET some threats exceed even the Enforcer’s power. On a sunny day in Los Angeles, Carol will face her old tragedy reflected in the face of two children who have learned too much. She will face the greatest threat to the Family’s occult rule in generations. The fires will rise, and she will have to answer to herself and to the children...

JUST how much blood will she shed to maintain her power?

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