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The Ancient Tradition of Beekeeping: Bees in Your Backyard

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Table of Contents

The Ancient Tradition of Beekeeping
Table of Contents
History of Beekeeping
Getting the Beehives
Placing the Hives
A Traditional Natural Hive
Top Bar Hive
Movable Frame Hives
Fixed Honeycomb
Beekeeping Equipment
Protective Clothing
Hive tool
The Life of a Honeybee
Bee stings
Beekeeping in Your Backyard
The Mating Flight
A Drone’s Life
Impulse to Swarm
Artificial Raising of Queens
Harvesting Time
Indigenous Peoples Tips for Attracting Bees
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When I tell you offhand to give me your immediate response the moment you hear the word Honeybee, your response is going to be “honey," about 99.9% of the time. And then after that, you are going to say “beeswax.” But the product of a beehive is not restricted to just these two items. It also has royal jelly, pollen, and propolis.

All of these products have traditionally been in use by mankind for the propagation of good health, beauty, and products in use around the house and as a health food for millenniums, going back to prehistoric times.

So this book is going to tell you all about how you are going to be introduced to bees, and if you are enterprising enough to keep them in your backyard, you are soon going to be called an apiarist, keeping a number of your hives in your apiary.

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