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Blue Versus Black

Length: 295 pages4 hours


She exposed corruption at a galactic level. She helps aliens make a home on Earth. But now she faces her toughest job yet—going home.

Radiance Hemplewhite had it all for one brief shining moment—the fame, the job, and the boyfriend. But those in power don't like to be questioned. Soon Rae finds herself accused of tampering with evidence. Her only chance to escape with her life is in the hands of an auditor—her boyfriend's ex. She might take her chances, but she isn't the only one facing a death sentence. With her coworkers' lives on the line, she taps into the alien technology running through her veins.

And discovers a dark family secret and killer gnomes.

Worse, she and her parents are targeted by the Men in Black. And her aliens are starting to disappear. With her enemies closing in, she and her team will risk everything to clear their names and free their friends. Can they succeed when the greatest enemy may be embedded in Rae's DNA?

Blue versus Black is the second installment in an action-packed urban scifi adventure. If you like stepping into the head of a quirky and sassy heroine while she navigates a world of conspiracies, suspicion, and alien encounters, then you'll love Linda Andrews's humorous series.

Buy Blue Versus Black today and see your neighbors in a whole new light.

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