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The Leaping Lepre of Letterfrack

Length: 121 pages1 hour


An ancient peace offering known as the Airgead, a symbol of peace and unity, is stolen. The queen of Letterfrack and the king of Claddaghduff accuse the other of the betrayal and theft, and the king of Claddaghduff threatens war unless the Airgead is returned.

Only three young teens know the truth. That a dark shadow has stolen the Airgead. A dark shadow only they can see. Riona of the Caughn clan, and Séamus and Dáira of the Lepre clan set out to find the dark shadow and retrieve the Airgead.

They embark on a journey and find themselves on a magical adventure that will test their bravery and their magic in the hope of stopping a war before it begins.

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