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Gallassi's Secret

194 pages3 hours


Attorney John Gallassi lives in Scarsdale, a small town in northern Indiana. John is well liked by his clients but tends to keep to himself. His practice primarily involves arranged adoptions.

Skye, Celeste, and Andy all attend the local community college and meet for the first time at an astronomy lecture at the school. They soon find they have a lot in common including the fact they were all adopted and their parents all used John Gallassi as their attorney.

As the three of them seek to find out more information about John and their own adoptions, they find all is not as it seems. Where does John get the infants from? Why does he recommend no contact with the birth parents? Is he up to no good or is he just a good guy looking out for the best interest of his clients? They find, in the end, the true nature of Gallassi's secret.

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